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The purpose of this page is to provide more information about myself for prospective freelancing clients.

A note to recruiters: PLEASE do not cold call. I am concentrating on whatever tasks are at hand and do not want to break my concentration with phone calls. Please send an email or a text.

Please be specific about job requirements. A subject like "Possible .Net Developer position" is meaningless. Is it MVC, API work, C#, MSSQL, React, Angular - or what? The more detail the better.

For the record, my core expertise is .Net 6, EF, MVC, API, MSSQL, Azure, AJAX, and Knockout.js. I have some experience with Identity Server 4. MAUI, React and Angular, but still a novice. I love to learn new technologies and skills.
Thank you.

Core Skills

Framework yrs Databases yrs Cloud/Other yrs Scripting yrs
.Net Core/6 7 MSSQL 20 Azure 7 JavaScript 15
C# 15 DB Design 20 App Services 7 jQuery 15
MVC 17 T-SQL 20 Logic Apps 7 AJAX 15
Web API 15 Stored Procedures 20 GIT/DevOps 6 JSON/XML/XSLT 20
Entity Framework 19 LINQ 12 Swagger/XUnit 2 Knockout.JS 9
Current Resume (July, 2022)


I am an ultra-experienced, Microsoft-certified software engineer focusing on .Net 6 (Core), SQL Server (MSSQL), MVC, Web API, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, XML/XSLT, Bootstrap, Knockout, Azure and other current technologies.

With twenty-five+ years of experience as an analyst, developer, IT manager and consultant - in all facets of application architecture design, project management, software and database development - I have skills and experience to bring new insights to any project.

My experience includes having worked in a variety of industries and environments, including manufacturing, telecom, education, government and general business. I am able to effectively communicate and work with all levels of an organization in a professional manner. I also taught for six years as an Adjunct Instructor at Ivy Tech Community College, teaching Software Development, Project Management, and Database Management courses.  

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