DBMS Module 1


The purpose of Module 1 is to introduce basic concepts from the key tracks of the course. Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) prepares you for managing the database table and scripts you will create. Learning about databases, tables and queries provides an introduction to how and why we use databases. Starting to use Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) introduces you to one of industries leading databases and IDE's (Interactive Development Environment). Your first coding work in SSMS will introduce the T-SQL language and how T-SQL is used to create queries that extract data from the database. Lastly, keyboarding skills are an important skill for all students, but especially for those in coding and the IT arena..

Module Objectives

  • Basic concepts of Project Management, starting with the SDLC
  • Core concepts of databases
  • Introduction to the Microsoft Database IDE: SSMS
  • First T-SQL Commands: the SELECT Statement
  • Master keyboarding skills to become a better coder