DBMS Module 3


The purpose of Module 3 is to explore more about the concepts of Database Design.

The first major topic looks at the purpose of a Project Proposal, and one common way for structuring proposals for an executive audience.

Building on the Entity Analysis discussion from Module 2, the next topic shows you how to formalize an ERD by creating a specialized diagram in Microsoft Visio called a Crow's Foot Notation diagram

Two additionl Database Design topics are covered in Database Sizing and Database Normalization, discussing how to big of a database might be needed for a project, and discussing the normalization guidelines that are used to optimize database designs.

A chapter on joining tables in T-SQL introduces you to advanced query skills to work with multiple tables in the same query.

Lastly, chapters on inserts, filters and updates provide more hands-on skills to better craft queries and manage data.

Module Objectives

  • Learn the purpose of a project proposal, and how to format one as an Executive Memo
  • Learn how to create an ERD in Visio
  • Understand how to estimate the size of a database based on requirements
  • Understand key concepts of normalization in order to improve database design
  • Practice using JOIN statements to work with multiple databases
  • Practice various types of INSERT and UPDATE statements