DBMS Module 4


Module 4 is primarily focused on translating project requirements to building and using database tables.

This module is heavier on coding and using hands-on skills, both in planning and in practice excercises.

You will learn more about crafting a Project Plan to help guide and track your work.

You will also take a big jump in coding skills by learning how to create Stored Procedures, the mini-programs used in SQL Server to execute queries.

The topics of referential integrity and contraints will teach you important concepts and database design skills used to effectively manage how to control invalid data from being added to tables.

Module Objectives

  • Create a strong Project Plan describing the project and the tasks needed to accomplish the objectives
  • Learn about T-SQL variables and how to work with them in code
  • Practice identifying and translating requirements into database tables, with the appropriate contraints
  • Learn how to create stored procedures, encapsuling queries into mini-programs