DBMS Module 5


More than previous modules, Module 5 is very heavy in coding skills, and covers advanced coding techniques, such as creating stored procedures that can accept and utilize paramaters

The focus is on understanding what is needed from a database to support an application, especially web applications. Consequently, a strong understanding is needed of CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update and Delete) and how to support those operations using stored procedures that INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE records.

Lastly, you will learn and practice how to group records, in order to perform calculations in T-SQL for totals, averages, and other aggregation functions.

Module Objectives

  • Study what is needed from a database to support a web application
  • Learn how to import and convert data from external sources for your tables
  • Practice creating and executing stored procedures that rely on parameters
  • Learn and practice how to use GROUP BY and the various aggregation functions such as COUNT, MIN, MAX, SUM and AVG