DBMS Module 6


Module 6 takes a balanced focus on Database Management and specialized coding topics.

This is a thorough discussion of backup and recovery strategies that should be considered when designing and managing a database. Although this is normally more of a DBA role that a Developer concern, all teams involved with the database should understand teh concepts and strategies available.

Importing, converting and distributing data can be a crucial activity that is needed, in development, testing, and in day-to-day operations. This module provides knowledge and pointers to help you acquire the basic skills needed.

Lastly, you will learn and practice how to group records, in order to perform calculations in T-SQL for totals, averages, and other aggregation functions.

Module Objectives

  • Understand the various backup and recovery strategies employed to protect databases
  • Learn how to import, convert and distribute data, especially from external sources
  • Conduct a post-mortem review of the previous mini-project, to identify strengths and weaknesses of the development effort