Submitting Assignments

Coding Assignments

The original instructions for submitting assignments in this course are based on pasting screenshots of your program output into Word, and then submitting the Word document to complete the assignment. DO NOT submit Word documents!

I want to see your program code, and will execute it on my system as I review and grade.

To submit your programs, upload the .py file to the assignment.

If you are using IDLE as your editor, DO NOT copy and paste the IDLE output when submitting assignments. Always create a .py file, run and test the program file in IDLE, and then submit the .py file. (Hint: The code you are submitting should never have IDLE prompts (">>>") in the code.). See Using IDLE for tips on how to use the IDLE editor.

Always name your files as module_assignment_exercise#_LastNameFirstName, such as (you may use any version of uppercase and lowercase...). Submit one .py file for each assignment. Do NOT combine code from multiple exercises into a single file.

My Grading Process

For coding assignments, I download your program, open it in Notepad++, and hit F6 (my shortcut to run Python).

If it works as expected, I review the code for a couple of things:

  • Does it have a good source header? (author name, assignment name, date, purpose). Program requirements are listed in Course Standards and will be strictly enforced after week 1.
  • Are there comments for each function, or major section, explaining what the code is supposed to be doing?
  • Is the code straight-forward and easy to follow?

If the program does not work, I may or may not delve into the potential problems.

If you submit a program that does not work, it will NOT receive a passing grade unless you have worked with me to iron out the problems.


As with all assignments, I suggest you at least glance at the requirements early in the week. Get an idea of what is in front of you. Does it sound easy? Or are you pretty clueless as what needs to be done?

Take a stab at starting coding assignments on Thursday or Friday. Write some pseudo-code outlining the steps you need to take. If you don't understand what is needed - that is a problem. If you know what is needed, but not sure how to do it, you know you may have some research to do.

If you have completed the readings, and are not sure what needs to be done, review the readings again. If you still don't understand the assignment (on Thursday or Friday), drop me a note with questions.

I will get back to you as soon as practical to try to guide you on the assignment requirements.

If you have coded the program and you can't get it working after troubleshooting it for an hour or so, let me know. Send me the code by email (just copy and paste the code into the email) and I'll try to help you troubleshoot.

Please DO NOT wait until Sunday afternoon to tackle coding assignments. If you run into issues, there may not be enough time for me to help before the assignment is due.